Our Team

Sadie Keller

My name is Sadie Keeler, and I am a recent graduate of the Central Mountain High School. In the fall I will further my education at Lock Haven University where I will be an education major. I love the outdoors, exercising, and my puppies. Fitness to me means bettering yourself everyday and living a healthy lifestyle, which is why I am extremely excited to be working at Full Body Health and Fitness Center. I can’t wait to motivate others and help them to become healthier. I look forward to welcoming you with a smile as you walk in the door and assisting you in any way I can while you are at Full Body Health and Fitness Center!

Mason Monahan
Hello, I'm Mason Monahan.
Throughout my life, fitness has always been a lifestyle. I was very active in sports growing up and in high school I played both football and participated in track & field. Upon graduation in 2013, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Reserves. As a Marine, I have gone through some very challenging training, all I would not have been able to complete if I were not physically or mentally fit. In the fall of 2014, I enrolled at Lock Haven University where I am currently in my senior year and in pursuit to earn a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management with a Concentration in Fitness Management. In 2016, I earned a certification as a Personal Trainer from Expert Rating and have been training members of local gyms since. 
My passion for health & fitness extends beyond designing focused workouts to meet individual goals. I am constantly learning about the importance of nutrition programs, which are just as crucial, if not more than the lifting aspect to help individuals’ reach their full fitness potential. 
Whether someone wants to lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass -or- to gain weight by increasing your muscle mass, I am ready to motivate and work with you to meet your personal fitness goals. 
I firmly believe that fitness is not a fad or a trend – fitness is a “LIFESTYLE”!

*USMC LCPL, Certified Personal Trainer


Michelle Peters

I'm Michelle Peters, and I want a healthy life. As a busy wife, mom, and nurse, I was taking care of everyone, but forgot to take care of me. A simple bet about an eating plan, lead me down a path I didn't expect. When I started to lose weight and feeling better, it made me realize I could do more to take care of myself and move my body more. My current favorite form of exercise is hiking, but PiYo is fun too! Let me help you on your fit journey to a happy and healthy life!