Our Story



Our journey of pursuing better health has led us to a new-found passion for sharing what we have learned and practiced for over 2 years. Nutrition and fitness are now a part of who we are…it’s our lifestyle. We live it. We breathe it. We share it. We have helped a lot of people get started on their own journeys, and have realized this is what we were meant to do.

Our dream is just about realized…Full Body Health and Fitness Center, Clinton County’s premiere fitness facility coming to you in June 2018.


A little about Brian… Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a competitive guy. I loved to play sports…football, baseball, track and field…you name it. I also loved hunting, biking, skiing, and hiking. As I aged, I started to literally fall apart. In 2013, I had to have my ACL replaced in my left knee. After eight weeks of rehab I went back to work, but was afraid to try anything physical in fear of re-injuring the knee. After three years of doing nothing but walking, I noticed I was feeling a little sluggish and winded from just walking up a few flights of stairs. At this point, I weighed in at 196 lbs., and I knew it was time to make a change in my life. In February of 2016, I jumped into Beachbody’s Insanity workout program. Although I was seeing changes in my body and its endurance, I wasn’t getting the results I desired. I started to do some research about nutrition and learned that no matter what fitness program I chose, what I was eating would ultimately keep me from reaching my goals. So, I added my version of clean eating. Wow, did the weight come off quickly! I decided in May that I needed a change so I swapped out the Insanity for Boot Camp to continue the cardio and the resistance five days a week. Boot Camp felt a lot like the high school football calisthenics I enjoyed back in the 80s. My goal was never to achieve a number…it was to strip the flab off before building it back up. In July, I had leaned out to 165 lbs., a surprise loss of over 30 lbs.! I realized at this moment that I needed to rebuild my body even stronger than before shedding the fat. Today, I continue to eat clean and, participate in and coach a Boot Camp class. I have added weight training three days a week as well. This is something I had not done since high school, and never realized how much I missed it. So friends, let’s not let our age, our fear, our lack of time get in the way of becoming the healthiest people we can be. I challenge you to join me in this journey to continue to learn and practice making better choices so that we can live a happier, more productive life.


A little about Lori… Orka. Tank. These were the names that my brother used to call me when I was young. As an adult, I realize he probably thought they were harmless, but as a child they shaped an image in my mind…an image of a pudgy girl who’s Italian aunts always said she was just “big boned.” So…that’s what I believed.

—> I was an athlete since the time I was 10 years old…swimming, playing softball, basketball, track & field, volleyball, and cheerleading. In truth my legs were really muscular, but all I saw were “thunder thighs.” I always hated my body. —> As I grew into an adult, I battled weight gain and loss just like everybody does…this diet and that diet and no diet. The only thing I tried that actually “worked” was Weight Watchers…until it didn’t. —> And I really HATED to exercise…get me in a competitive sport and I would play all day. Ask me to run a mile and there were cinder blocks in my pants. —> Weight Watchers did help me “lose” the weight I had gained after giving birth to my premature baby boy. Yes, AFTER. I remained home with him for a year after he was born in 1996 and proceeded to pack on the pounds. So again started the yo-yo…UP and DOWN…the “I’ll start on Mondays”. The truth still remained…I hated my body. —> After getting divorced, I went into a bit of a depression and basically starved myself only eating one meal a day and exercising the other 23 1/2 hours of the day. I was terribly thin…sickly actually. Even then, I hated my body. —> Fast forward to 2007…a year after I met my current husband. The “happy,” “comfortable” weight reared it’s ugly head and for the following 3 years…see above. —> It wasn’t until I stepped into my first Zumba class did any of the things above begin to change. I found something that truly changed how I felt inside and out so much so that I became an instructor in 2011. Did my body change as an instructor? Yes. Was I healthy? HELL NO! I still ate everything and anything because…”I have Zumba later and I will burn it off.” —> About 4 years ago, I was looking through videos on YouTube to find some choreography to add to my playlist. I found Club Fitz Fitness and began to feverishly gobble up the choreo and literally found the dancer inside of me…AND more importantly, the woman. —> Fast forward to June 2016…the first time I participated in a challenge group. In one month’s time, I had SHATTERED the image that once was burned in my brain…that pudgy, big-boned, thunder-thighed girl was gone. All because of a group of strangers that weren’t really strangers at all…we weren’t strangers because we all had a similar story and a similar goal in mind…to become the best versions of ourselves as happier, healthier people.